Leaping Jaguar


When Jaguar introduced the XJ6 in 1968, it was not a revelation of technological discoveries but a culmination of years of research along with development, integrating the best features in one package. Here we had a proper luxury saloon, more silent than a Rolls Royce, more comfortable than a Cadillac which handled better than most sports cars of the era.

No small wander that never before a car as received so much praise from Fleet Street journos!

It featured the famous IRS Jaguar suspension, first seen in the iconic E-type and the flagship saloon Mk X, with its insulated cage, in-board discs and radius arms, years ahead of the common live axle or De Dion systems. At the front there was the novelty of in-built anti-dive geometry for safer handling and braking. Similar to the rear suspension, we had a fully insulated sub-frame, using the Metalastik bushes, in the same number as the rear, four. All these factors combined contributed to isolate further all harshness, vibration and noise being transmitted to the bodywork for an ultra refined ride, giving us the famous Magic Carpet Ride.

One astonishing peculiarity is that even the most abused XJ can still surprise for its quality ride, ultra smooth and soothing, ready to catch the unwary potential buyer.
The suspension can have all its components on the last threads but the car will perform faultlessly, only showing its wear in extreme situations.

The parts are not that expensive to renovate an XJ suspension but the combination of all the parts cost can be frightening. It is more common a XJ needing full overhaul than you would think as most owners do not bother to repair as long it rides nicely, which it does even all knackered!

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