Leaping Jaguar


When I bought this car, the interior really was in a pitiable state. In fact, water was infiltrating somewhere, most likely from a badly fitted screen or inferior quality rubber seals.

I did strip the interior and chiselled off the original bitumen material jaguar originally applied for sound proofing as it has gone very brittle and cracked, letting moisture in between, corroding floors. Luckily, floors panels were very sound and still original, probably thanks to the Ziebart anti corrosion treatment from new.

I ended buying the last 9m of original Jaguar carpet facing in Red from Woolies which had to be glue to a harder hardura backing. I reproduced all the carpet sections and sound proof mats in my living room and it really looked good. Unfortunately, this material is quite fragile and will not stand much wear, resulting in my set looking tired after 2 years of use. It was time to replace it again. I still have close to 5m of the material if one day I want to revert to original spec (I won't).

My wife came to the rescue and bought me 6m of a very strong, durable wool carpet with hard rubberized hardura backing, direct from the manufacturers. I only had now to cut it to shape!

Meanwhile, I had to reproduce again all the floor pan sound proofing sections in a thicker material, including engine bay and boot. I purchased several meters of extra thick (20mm) hardura material from Woolies; which I cut exactly as per originals, checking for exact fitment on the car. I then glued a self adhesive bitumen mat to these hardura sections for extra sound proofing. I even put this hardura under the dash top, rear seat panel and rear parcel shelf!

The centre console, sills, rear inner arches, floor pan cross members and small sections on the inner bulkhead were covered in a special black rubberized hardura, excellent quality, again purchased from Woolies. This material is excellent, very flexible and easy to apply. For the floor pans I re used a similar material albeit in red that I made few years previously, on top of the new 20mm hardura mats, giving now a total thickness to floor pan sections of over 30mm!

For the transmission tunnel I've used a very thick material made of high density sponge layers with a 1mm thick foil of lead on top of the 15mm hardura for extra sound and heat proofing as this is the most sensitive area. This material was purchased from NF Auto, specializing in kit car building and Ferrari P4 replicas.

Aluminised heat proof mat as used in rally cars was then glued with special high temperature contact glue to these hardura sections to reduce temperatures inside the cabin. Besides the floor pan, this material was also applied inside the centre console; A & B pillars panels, under the dash board top, rear parcel shelf and all the original heat shields found on the engine bay, under the car, starter motor and various pipes sensitive to heat.

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